Food security is one of the global issues and become the greatest challenges of this century. Each country has a different method and investment support to ensure adequate food in its country. World food also experienced a significant increase from year to year.  Global climate change, reduction of productive agricultural land, and soil fertility are the main causes of declining global grain production.

Among all agricultural commodities, food crop commodities (rice, corn and soybeans) contribute a higher proportion of subsidies / assistance in a number of countries because they involve the lives of many people and social stability. Various countries, particularly in developing countries, provide high subsidies to guarantee the availability of domestic food. The provision of subsidies is carried out in the form of providing superior food crops, fertilizer assistance and price subsidies at harvest. In addition to the role of the government, the development of research on corn and other food crops continues to progress rapidly. With a touch of biotechnology, various types of varieties and components of cultivation technology have been successfully assembled and developed in the community, especially in developing countries.

The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE CEREALS AND CROPS PRODUCTION SYSTEMS IN THE TROPICS aims to exchange research information corn/maize and major food crops (rice, sorghum, soybeans) along with the obstacles and challenges faced in their development in the community. This international seminar is also an event to exchange the information of the best agricultural practices to increase crop production in tropical environment.

International Conference is organized by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia. Conference is a scientific forum to improve knowledge, science, and technology and to bring together researchers, scientists, practitioners and policy makers in the field of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture. For details, please contact official website through

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