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Collaboration ACIAR-SADI & ICERI conducting training of seed production
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ImageTraining of maize seed production in order to Linkages Visit for Staff from Provincial Research and Development Organization to the ICERI, has been carried out in Maros, Sulawesi Selatan from 26 - 30 September 2009. A number of technologies/products has been produced by ICERI, among them, high yielding variety such as hybrid maize seed and composite are prospectus to be promoted quickly to the farmer's leve. BPTP as an institution that has a role to assess technologies produced by the National Research plays an important role in accelerating the dissemination of those technologies into the farmer's field.

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Formula for Success: Project of maize variety development for improving human nutrition
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ImageCombination Between breeding technique and laboratory analysis to improve micro element nutrition in rich Produce quality will of maize. This global project is proclaimed not only to Suppress malnutrition levels but maize Also to get reasonable price.This project is expected to increase the level of nutritional adequacy of human on this earth about 1.2 billion people to remember in this world to consume maize as their staple food maize produced temporary shortage of essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

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Watch Out of Downy Mildew and Aflatoxin on Maize
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ImageDowny mildew was occurred in installments areas in Indonesia Such as Bengkayang, East Kalimantan, North Sumatra Simalungun, and Kediri, East Java. This disease has been endemic and Causing min. 30% of yield losses. In those areas, the use of metalaxil fungicide didn t give effect anymore, Because all of the hybrid varieties produced by the seed producer metalaxil treated by simply infected.
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