Wheat research in Indonesia has been carried out by the Agricultural Research and Development Agency through the Food Crops Research and Development Center since the 1980s, beginning with the adaptation test of introduced lines in collaboration with several countries such as Japan, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Mexico. The results showed that wheat had a promising yield potential in the highlands and medium. Four varieties of wheat (Nias, Timor, Selayar, Dewata) were successfully released in the 1993-2004 period. In the 2013-2014 period, through a wheat research consortium involving the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, Universities, and PATIRBATAN, seven varieties of wheat were released.

This book is published to provide information on various aspects of wheat, both production systems and world production as well as technical aspects such as managing nutrients, water, and nuisance organisms. The publication of the wheat book is expected to be a reference and at the same time a material for consideration, encouraging the emergence of ideas and thoughts for the development of wheat in Indonesia.

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Cover and table of contents
World Wheat Crop and Production (Sumarno et al)
 3 Kebijakan Pengembangan Gandum di Indonesia (Hasil Sembiring dkk) Download
 4 Dinamika Penelitian Gandum di Indonesia (Erifriana dkk)  Download
5 Asal Usul dan Taksonomi Tanaman Gandum (Muhammad Azrai dkk)  Download
6 Morfologi, Pertumbuhan dan Perkembangan Tanaman Gandum(Aviv Andriyani dkk) Download
7 Perkembangan Perakitan Varietas Gandum di Indonesia  (A. Haris T dkk) Download
8  Pembentukan Varietas Unggul Gandum di Indonesia (Amin Nur dkk) Download
9  Struktur dan Komposisi Biji dan Nutrisi Gandum (Suarni dkk) Download
10  Pengelolaan Benih Gandum Ramlah Arief dkk) Download
11 Kesesuaian Lahan dan Pengelolaan Air Tanaman Gandum (Muhammad Aqil dkk) Download
12 Pengembangan Gandum dengan Pendekatan Fisiologis dan Agronomis (Zulkifli dkk) Download
13 Pemuliaan Gandum Berbasis Marka Molekuler (Marcia B.P dkk) Download
14 Aplikasi Teknologi Mutasi Gandum (Amin Nur dkk) Download
15 Pemupukan Tanaman Gandum (Syafruddin ) Download
16 Pengelolaan Penyakit Tanaman Gandum (Amran Muis dkk) Download
17 Teknologi Pascapanen Gandum (Muhammad Taufiq dkk) Download

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