Friday, October 15, 2021 Guidance for the Varieties and Technology of Sorghum Cultivation Demonstration Plots was held to support the Sorghum Commodity Development Program of the Tanah Karo Regency Government in Jandi Meriah village, Tiganderket District. This planting activity is a realization of the development of sorghum commodities in Tanah Karo.

For the demonstration plot planting of sorghum varieties, Balitsereal has provided 9 varieties of sorghum, namely Numbu, Super 1, Super 2, Soper 6, Suri 3, Suri 4, Kawali, Soper 7, and Soper 9 varieties with a total seed of 45 kg.

The demonstration plot planting activity was attended by the Regent of Karo Regency (Mrs. Cory Sebayang), Head of the Karo Regency Agriculture Service (Mr. Metehsa Karo-Karo), Tiganderket Sub-district Head and Tiganderket agricultural extension workers.

Opening this activity, the Regent of Tanah Karo really appreciated the assistance from Balitsereal regarding technology and sorghum seeds. Sorghum is a plant that has not been widely cultivated in Tanah Karo and with this activity it is hoped that farmers will be able to expand the cultivation of this plant.

The high selling value and good nutritional content make sorghum a commodity that has business opportunities in the future. It is hoped that this guidance activity will continue with training on the processing of sorghum production to become ethanol, flour, and other preparations.

As a speaker on sorghum as well as representing the Head of Balitcereals, Dr. Marcia B. Pabendon explained about sorghum production trees and sorghum cultivation. This activity was also continued with the symbolic handing over of seeds from Balitsereal to the Regent of Tanah Karo district.

After that, it was continued by planting sorghum on the prepared demonstration plot. It is hoped that this sorghum cultivation can run well and continue.

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