Representatives of the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) together with the Head of BBPSDMP, Dr. Idha Widi and the team directly observed the interns of the Youth Entrepreneurships and Empowerment Support Services (YESS) Program located in Balitsereal.

This visit is in the context of monitoring the implementation of the YESS program millennial farmer internships. Accompanied by the Head of Balitsereal, the monitoring team met directly with 20 apprentices from several districts including Maros, Bulukumba and Bone.

The team previously received an explanation from the Research Services sub-coordinator that the participants’ internship material focused on corn seeding activities. Participants who have entered a month of their internship are very enthusiastic about explaining their experiences at the PUI institution. “This is the first experience, getting knowledge that has never been obtained before” commented the participant from Bone district. Not only theory, but also introduction and practice in the seed laboratory and of course application in the field, starting from land preparation, seed preparation, to the introduction and control of major corn pests and diseases to the packaging process of corn seeds.

The Head of Balitsereal hopes that millennial farmers from the YESS program can apply the knowledge gained from Balitsereal as initial capital in entrepreneurship, especially in the seed sector. In line with the objectives of the YESS program to create and improve agripreneurs and create jobs in rural areas.

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