Corn source seeds consist of three classes of seeds, namely type seeds (BS), basic seeds (BD), and spread seeds (BR). Breeders (BS) are source seeds whose production process is controlled directly by the breeder who discovers a variety or who is authorized to develop it. Breeder seeds are used as source seeds for the production or propagation of basic seeds (BS).

Basic seeds are source seeds whose seed production is handled by seed producers, such as the Parent Seed Center (BSI), the Agricultural Technology Research Center (BPTP), and professional BUMN/private seed companies. Quality control in the basic seed production process through seed certification by BPSB or through a quality management system. The basic seed is used for the propagation of the main seed.

Basic seeds are source seeds whose production is carried out by producers or seed breeders in the region and their quality is controlled through seed certification by BPSB or through a quality management system. The base seed is currently used as a source seed to produce scatter seeds (BR).

In an effort to provide quality seeds, the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development continues to provide source seeds for further development by the Seed Center, BPTP and seed breeders. In 2017, the Cereal Crops Research Institute (Balitsereal) produced 26 tons of seed sourced from BS and BD classes and distributed them to breeders through AIAT, Agriculture Service, and Central Seed Center in several provinces in Indonesia. Corn seeds that are in great demand are the varieties Lamuru, Srikandi Kuning, Pulut Uri, Provit A1, Bisma and Sukmaraga.

In 2017, Balitsereal distributed more than 15 tons of corn seeds. Among the maize varieties distributed, the highest were Lamuru 4553.9 kg, Srikandi Kuning 3125.7 kg, Pulut URI 1639.6 kg, and Sukmaraga 1482.9 kg. The superior seeds are distributed to seed breeders in Maluku, NTT, West Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, West Surnatera, Riau, Bengkulu, West Java, Central Java, D.I. Yogyakarta.

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