The Cereal Crops Research Institute is one of the Technical Implementing Units under the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development which has the task of carrying out research on cereal crops (corn, sorghum, wheat and other potential cereals. The organization and working procedures of the Indonesian Cereals Research Institute) are determined in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture Number: 24/Permentan/OT.140/3/2013. Balitsereal is led by a Head, who in his daily duties is assisted by the Coordinator of the Administrative Sub-Section, the Sub-Coordinator for Technical Service Substances and the Sub-Coordinator for Research Service Substances and assisted Research Groups and other Functional Positions.

Balitcereal Organizational Structure


Balitcereal is located about 20 km north of Makassar City. The journey by Taxi takes less than 30 minutes. The Balitcereal location map can be seen in the following image.

Balitsereal Location Map