After visiting Bantimurung National Park, Deputy Chairperson of Commission IV DPR RI, Anggia Erma Rini and her entourage made a working visit to PUI (Center for Excellence in Science and Technology), Cereal Crops Research Institute (Balitsereal) Agricultural Research and Development Agency (15/10/2021).

Arriving at Balitsereal, the group accompanied by the Head of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, Fadjry Djufri, was immediately directed to the location of processing and storage of seeds received by the Head of Research and Development Center and Head of Balitsereal to see the final performance of the seedling process carried out at Balitsereal.

The Deputy Chairperson of Commission IV DPR RI and the Team appreciated the cereal innovations that had been released, such as corn with high nutritional content and satisfactory productivity, so it is important to continue to develop it.

The group was also received at the PPID Galleri/Public Information Service room and tried hand sanitiser made from sorghum and served various processed cereals, including sorghum brownies, barley brownies, corn brownies, corn sticks to sorghum and barley porridge. “If I want to get a score, I prefer the purple corn brownies, then the sorghum and barley brownies,” said Anggia.
He was also very happy to taste the sorghum porridge served, “This is delicious, who made it?”. Answering this, Prof.Dr. Suarni, who is a researcher in the field of spontaneous post-harvest processing, explained the content of the various processed cereals served.

At the end of the visit, the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission IV delegation took the time to meet with Research and ASN Balitsereals who had prepared in the Auditorium room of Prof. Ibrahim Manwan Balitsereal. Anggia also discussed the government’s decision to transfer the Research Center in the Ministry to join the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). He hopes that this process will be carried out soon without hampering the performance of researchers, especially regarding the sustainability of downstream innovations to farmers.

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